emailfilterSome mail servers give you the possibility to configure to forward all the emails you receive on an email account to another account and delete them afterwards, they offer this directly with one click.

CPanel unfortunately doesn’t have this option as easy. You can create a forwarder or you can create a full email account.

With these simple steps (still longer than a simple click, but useful), you will be able to create an email account which you could use as SMTP server for example to “Send email as” (for example from Gmail) and will also allow you to forward the emails and then delete them.

– Assuming you have already created a full email account, then go to the “Email filters” section.

– Select the account you would like to set the filters to, and then select:

– Filter Name: Choose a name.

– Rules: To > Contains and below type the email address on which you are configuring the forwarder.

– Then on Actions choose “Redirect to email” and enter the destination email address below.

– Finally, click on the “+” symbol on the right side after the last action to add a new one and select “Discard Message”.

– Click on “Create” and the rule is now active.

Logically, test it by sending emails to the main address from different test account on different providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) to make sure the forwarding works fine. You can also login to the Webmail of the full account to double check that the emails are not stored there anymore.